Drive wine sales with targeted recommendations


An end-to-end solution for retailers, suppliers, and customers.
Build customer satisfaction

Convert overwhelmed and intimidated customers into satisfied and returning customers.

Sell more and higher priced wine

Instead of picking wine based on what is on sale and the most appealing label, we will recommend wine across all wines in the inventory including the higher price point wines.

Gain insight on your customers

Track customer demographics and the wine they buy. Knowing what recent college grads are buying means knowing what to stock.

Stock shelves with top selling SKUs

Why keep wine on the shelf that no one is buying? Keep up to date on the hottest selling wine.

Teaming up to benefit the retailer and the customer.

About Us

The nitty-gritty of what we do and why we do it.
A cross-marketing platform for retailers.

Scroll back up and take a look at the wine aisle. Go on. I'll wait.

Now tell me which one of those bottles would go perfectly with a romantic dinner for that special someone in your life? Exactly. 45% of wine consumers in the U.S. are categorized as either intimidated or overwhelmed. Nowadays there are thousands of brands and labels to choose from but very few ways for people to find the product they actually want. Customers either end up picking the bottle on sale or the one with the most appealing label. Neither of these methods ensure a repeat and happy customer.

We have created a patent-pending method for tracking consumer preferences in sensory-based products. The technology is powered by flavor chemistry, machine learning, and a comprehensive dual-taste preference system which allows us to provide recommendations with incredible accuracy. We are first to market for recommending sensory products using flavor chemistry and emotion-based adjectives. Using this technology will help retailers and marketers understand how consumer's emotions influence their purchasing behavior.


    By taking a simple quiz about other food and drinks you enjoy, we are able to categorize which wines a user won't like, and, more importantly, which wines will keep a customer coming back for more.


    You wouldn't want to be recommended to go to the beach with bad weather just like you wouldn't want to be recommended a high-energy Gew├╝rztraminer for a low-key party with friends. Our software takes occasion and emotion into account when making these recommendations in addition to flavor preferences.


    Because our technology is chemistry based, we will be able to expand to other sensory based items such as beer, cheese, perfume, and more. We don't limit ourselves to wine all the time so why should you?


The passionate people working for us working for you. Meet the wine and tech enthusiasts making BottleFly possible.
Toshihoro Kuboi
Chief Software Architect
MS, Computer Science, Cal Poly, SLO
Evan Lanuza
Chief Operating Officer
BS, Enology, Cal Poly, SLO
Timothy Scott
Software Developer
MS, Mechanical Engineering, Cal Poly, SLO
Eric Thorndyke
Software Developer
BS, Computer Science, Cal Poly SLO
Alexander Dekhtyar
Database Architect and Technical Advisor
PhD, Computer Science
Olga Dekhtyar
Statistician and Analytical Advisor
MA, Statistics
Dennis Fernandez
Business Advisor
MBA, Golden Gate University
Foaad Khosmood
Technical Advisor
PhD, Computer Science
Tom Lebens
Intellectual Property and Patent Attorney
Katerina Axelsson
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
BS, Enology, Cal Poly, SLO

An in-store sommelier to make wine sales personal. Again.

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